Electric vehicles have arrived in Philadelphia. Already, EVs in our city enable cleaner commutes, help Philly’s electricity company PECO improve its electricity delivery infrastructure, and move passengers and luggage at our airport. Electric vehicles seem new right now, but together, we’ll make them part of the fabric of a cleaner and brighter Philadelphia.

To make it easier for their customers to drive electric vehicles, garages around the city have installed chargers. There are now 15 publicly available chargers throughout the city, which means there’s no need to have a garage at home to charge your electric vehicle. Also, if you buy or lease an electric vehicle, you can work with the City to put an EV-only parking space in front of your home. To see where public charge spots and home chargers available in Philadelphia, and to add new locations to the map, visit PlugShare.com.

Electric vehicles in Philly are just one piece of a clean transportation puzzle that includes biking and public transit, and they’re a critical piece that alleviates noise, air pollution, and climate change. When replacing conventional cars, they reduce climate change pollution by an average of 75%.

Whether you own a car or not, we invite you to participate in this transformation. By showing the organizations, businesses, government agencies, and fellow citizens of Philadelphia that you support electric vehicles, you make it clear that Philadelphians care about clean and efficient transportation. And that’s what Mission Electric is all about.